International trading of aluminium semi-finished products since 1989

About MG NE-Produkthandel GmbH

As a mid-size international trading company for aluminium and stainless steel semi-finished products, we have been operating successfully on the market since 1989.

Our efficient corporate structure ensures the fast handling of your orders. That's why you can always count on us as your independent and reliable supplier.

For the future

The training of future experts is our responsibility for more than 20 years. We are recognized by the Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce as a successful apprenticing company for wholesale and foreign trade.

This way we will achieve our goal of remaining a leader in the international aluminium trade in the future.

Ratings, as of 28.02.2023

Institut: Rating:    PD:     
TaunusSparkasse* 1 von 18 0,09%
Unicredit 3+ von 8 0,48%
LBBW 3 von 8 0,17%
Euler Hermes 2 von 10  
  • * Note and liability disclaimer

    The rating represents a one-year non-payment risk at the time of the rating. It applies only to the date of the rating.

    Liability disclaimer
    The TaunusSparkasse carried out the rating for internal purposes only. Liability claims against the TaunusSparkasse based on the use of the rating are excluded, unless negligence or gross negligence on the part of the TaunusSparkasse can be proven. If third-party measures are based on the rating, this does not relieve third parties from their duty to carry out their own checks of the decision-making bases.

    The TaunusSparkasse makes no guarantee or other commitment for the creditworthiness of the company.